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Softball Information

Information about the softball program

Baseball Information

Information about the baseball program

Annandale Baseball/Softball Association

Our Philosophy


  1. To have FUN playing softball and baseball.
  2. To LEARN and DEVELOP SKILLS in baseball and softball.
  3. To WORK AS A TEAM PLAYER by encouraging and supporting each other during practice and game play.
  4. To understand and DEVELOP GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP.


  1. To serve as a ROLE MODEL in practice and in game competition
  2. To TEACH THE SKILLS and the knowledge necessary To understand and enjoy the game.
  3. To DEMONSTRATE TEAM WORK by allowing each player fair playing time in all regular season games.
  4. To ENCOURAGE AND SUPPORT each player on your team.
  5. To DEMONSTRATE GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP by modeling and by maintaining control of the players.

Marc Fahey

President Annandale BB/SB Association

Phone: 651-329-4712