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Annandale Softball Association



Annandale Fastpitch Softball


Tier I Softball

  • Player should have played previously in summer Traveling League and is participating in AHS softball.

  • Higher level of competition and more advanced skills (pitching, hitting, throwing) are required.

  • More practice time and weekend tournaments can be expected which will require more commitment.

  • All games are played on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning the first week in June.


Tier II Softball

  • Most players qualify for Tier II softball because of the higher expectations in Tier I

  • Fewer weekend tournaments are expected

  • Tier II teams will only play Tier I teams

  • All games played on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning the first week in June


Rules and Regulations: See Crow River Fast Pitch

  • IOU teams are not tiered.




Age Bracket Determination:

  • Age level division of player is determined by age on December 31 of the previous year of league participation

  • Girls can always play up in age divisions if their skills allow advanced placement

  • Girls can play in a lower age division but are not allowed to play in tournaments or any postseason games.

  • All girls will be placed in their qualifying age brackets unless the parent/guardian request player participation  in an older age bracket.  This must be checked on the registration form.


Age Bracket Divisions

  • 10A:  9 - 10 years old

    • Minimum age is nine years old or currently in third grade.

    • Exceptions to the rule are based upon the coach's responsibility to fill the team rosters.

  • 12U: 11 - 12 years old

  • 14U: 13 - 14 years old

  • 16U: 15 - 16 years old

  • 18U: 17 - 18 years old

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